Friday, February 10, 2012

Hope Comes in the Morning

It's funny that when God gives you insight, He then gives you some semblance of peace.

We have found out that A's paperwork is completely finished and B's is only one piece away from being ready for court submission. It's a miracle!!!

It looks like we may have a court date in March...or at the very latest April! SO excited about that.

The conundrum is that I was planning to go with BEMM to meet the momma we sponsor and to spend some time with the ministry as well as work on some other things while there in March... and at this point it's on hold. I TOTALLY trade getting my boys with that... but am still a little sad to possibly miss that.

It also means that we need to come up with the money to be able to travel 2 of us, instead of just me.

Gotta get some Africa's sold!! :) Please check them out ... and share with your friends if you aren't ready to buy one yourself. :)

I CANNOT wait to see my boys again and be able to for REAL call them our sons.

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