Monday, January 30, 2012

Mountains Tumbling

Well we have a bit of movement! YAY

B's case only needs one more piece of paper and then can be submitted to court! That's a major step in the right direction.

We still have some issues with A's paperwork. Luckily God has placed some some amazing people in place to help. The mountain seems to be crumbling... rock by tiny rock.

It's been such a hard road. It feels like I am dealing with pregnancy hormones, only this is worse cause at least you know after 9 months there is a baby. In this case... we are on month 12, and still no guarentees....

What has been the best blessing is watching the way people have stepped up. We have had prayers from around the world, texts and phone calls from so many friends, and love shared from places we never could have imagined.

Even had a wonderful friend offer to help us fund raise for my March trip! SO cool!! :)

Busy making more Africa's... wait till you see the newest creation... Loving this creative side. :)

Thanks for the prayers!! Can't wait to share the mountain has crumbled! :)

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