Sunday, February 26, 2012

Could it be????

Looks like A's paperwork is going to be submitted to court this week!!!

Just a few short weeks ago we weren't sure we would have ANY papers to submit, and this week they will be placed in the court system!

B's papers still have 1 stinkin piece to be completed. I think it's a dreaded MOWA letter?... but I don't know.

It's been a really long 8+ months waiting to be submitted to court.. it's almost surreal to think it may actually be happening.. This mean that we will be in Ethiopia within the next month or so!!! WAHOOO!!!

We hope to hear something about B's paper this week.

What they will do it submit Abel's papers this week and then as soon as B's are done they will submit his, and then make sure they know that the 2 are together. D and I will only have to go for one court trip, and then wait for them to pass.

PRAYING they both pass quickly then are submitted to Embassy to be home by June??? One can wish right?!

This means though that we need to start getting busy with making the money we need to bring the boys home. We need to get busy working on selling our Africa's in my etsy shop.... or you can see them on my facebook page. PLEASE SHARE IT! :)

We also have a very cool partnership going on with my dear friend... she is making amazing trivets and coasters. Please check out her page and see what you might like... SHARE it too... PLEASE :)

We will need about 2000.00 to pay for their tickets home... thank you for your prayers and help!!

This journey seems to have a light at the end of it's tunnel!! Praise GOD

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Unknown said...

I haven't commented here in ages, but you guys have been in my thoughts a lot. I remember all too clearly that frustration and fear. So incredibly happy to hear that things ARE moving forward for you guys. Hoping and praying those boys are home SOON.