Saturday, August 14, 2010

What Would You Do?

Have you ever seen that show? The premise is that you take a couple of actors put them in a public situation that would seemingly require a response and see what people do. If anything.

Sometimes it's refreshing to see that people can and will respond, and quickly. Sometimes it's kind of sad what people will ignore.

After this very long, very roller coaster week...we were given yet another opportunity to see God in a situation that was ugly on the surface.

My S was in an accident yesterday afternoon. Scary stuff. She was driving, and rear ended a guy going about 35 - 40mph. Airbags deployed she got bumped up pretty badly.

That first feeling when you get the call from your daughter, sobbing on the other end of the phone and hear the words accident is awful. Her cell phone had died so she was using someone elses, and then had to hang up quickly so the EMT guys could attend to her. What a lost feeling.

Then the EMT guy calls me to tell me they are taking her to the ER. Then the police call to say they have to tow the car. I am about 25 minutes from the scene because it's 5pm and there's major traffic. D was about 45 mins away at work...but breaking land speed records because when he spoke to her on the phone the guy she had hit was yelling at S...yelling profanity, cursing her and berating her over the accident.

The police had to physically remove the man from the scene because of the way he was treating her... this is where the tv show reference comes in.

Here's the scene:
Girl slams into the back of a brand new (like just driven off the lot, new) Ford F150.
Her airbag deploys and her front end is destroyed.
She gets a little hysterical.
The man she hits gets out of his truck...sees the hysterical girl and begins yelling profanity at her and berating her.

What would you do?

The man who was sitting in the turn lane next to the accident is the first to get out of his car and come over. He sees S, checks to make sure she's 'ok' and helps her out of the car. He then turns on the guy who hit her. This man tries calming the S is still doesn't work... so he begins to yell back at him.

The man she hit starts to go after "R" (Rescuer Man) ... R says to him. "I am not afraid to go to jail for this girl. She is 16 yrs old, she's hurt and upset. Back off!" He was her knight in shining armor. He gave her his name and phone number and told her that while she was ticketed for following too closely, he saw the man slam on his brakes and that she had no time to respond.

There was also a woman (who turned out to be a member of our church) who came over and held S's hair away from her bleeding face until the paramedics could care for her.

All the way around there were angels there to care for her, to make sure she wasn't alone when D and I could not be there.

The car is probably not salvageable... but my S is not replaceable...

We are praising God for His provision, the people He placed in her path, and the fact that S is sore and looks a little worse for the wear... but that we still have her here with us. And I think she's learned a little more respect for the road. :)


James 1:27 Family said...

So sorry that S had to go through all that and get hurt. I praise God with you that it wasn't more serious and for the people who came around to help her. I know you must have all been very shaken. Praying for healing and peace. I'm so glad she's OK.
Much love,

Andrea Hill said...

You are defenitely going through trials, my friends. I am so so so sorry about A. That is heartbreaking. I vividly remember going through the same with Danica being pretty hysterically. What would I do? Well I am glad I wasn't at the scene because I would have beat the living crap out of this guy treating A like that. What a mean person. All he can think about is his worldly possessions instead of the well being of your daughter. I am praying Andrea.

Notes From The Frugal Trenches said...

Oh my, I am sitting here crying, that is so so horrible. Anger is such a terrible emotion when it can not be harnessed. I am so sorry she went through this, but I'm so pleased she had people with her. ((((hugs))))

Leslie said...

Oh wow, Andrea. I am praying for you all.

Our journey following Christ said...

So glad God sent these people to be there for S. Seriously, being 16, having just rear ended a new pick up and being hurt and scared out of your mind and then having a guy come and yell at you is a horrible situation..worst nightmare kind of stuff. But God provided support for her!

So glad it wasn't worse, especially with a big pickup truck.

I'll be praying for you and your family.

Love you,

Tiffany said...

Oh how hard that must of been! Praise the Lord for His protection and for providing people to take care of your precious girl when you couldn't be there.

Love you and praying, as always...

Unknown said...

Just now catching up on blogs from the weekend. SO sorry that you're having to endure trial after trial right now.

Praying that God would reveal His purpose to you soon and that S is feeling better today.