Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summer fun, Birthday's...and stuff....

We love this blow up pool!!! It's the best 150.00 we have spent in a LONG time. The boys will play in it daily if we let them....

We have had Vacation bible school... the boys attended 3 different churches this year. They had a blast, got to get out of the house, and learned a ton about God. Love it!

Then N and my niece M had their birthday parties. They share a birthday but we do try to give them separate parties. M's was first at a Mexican restaurant. We
had a ton of fun and ate too much food! :)

Then N's we had at home with taco's as well. I have to say that our homemade taco's were the best!!

N got his best call from the Henderson Choir...he was so excited to hear them all singing to him!

Needless to say we have been busy busy. Thank you all for your prayers for my mom and grandmother. My grandmother is deteriorating very quickly. Her mental facilities are just all messed up. It's very hard to hear from my mom about all that's happening. My mom is exhausted trying to keep up with both of her parents. Please continue to pray as they work on a plan for care.

N has been doing great, I think the time out of the house in God's word actually helped us all. He got out, we got time alone and we were all able to focus on other things. He's such an awesome kid...truly he's just joy encompassed in a little boy body...he just doesn't always know what to do with it, and we lose patience. God is providing though... Of Course!!

My pruning is continuing, and I am learning a ton from it. I am hungry for His word and presence as I work through the places in my heart that need His touch, and healing. I am praising His name for all that I am learning, as I know it's going to be useful!!! It always is....

And last but not least I have a new hobby...lol yep another one... that I think is what is helping me with some of the other issues. I am going to the gym. I get up every morning at 5am, get my clothes on and head out. My little brother is my personal trainer. I am accountable to him, and it's working to keep me motivated!! I have found that I am WAY more likely to make excuses and let myself down daily than I am someone else... so I have to get up every morning and meet him there. He even tried to give me a day off last week, and I didn't take it. I am not losing much weight at this point. But I feel wonderful and I am loving it!!! Now if I could just get the people in the gym to lighten up...lol I tell you what, for people that are supposed to be working up endorphins, they are sure a sour group!!!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Sounds like you have been having some fun! Maye you need tobring your kids with you to bring a smile to the faces at the gym :)

Our journey following Christ said...

Go girl! Don't worry about losing weight...think about getting strong. Strong muscles, strong bones is a much better focus:)

I'm with you in this.

Keep it up:)