Thursday, March 12, 2009


A year ago today my father had a heart attack. The funny thing is that he was in New Orleans on business didn't know he was having one, drove himself to the airport and came home.
He awoke my mom in the middle of the night and told her to take him to the hospital. And today he is in New Orleans again. A little disconcerting.

He ended up having semi-emergency quadruple by-pass surgery. I say semi-emergency because they had to wait a couple of days with him in CICU to get it scheduled. It's very strange to see your father, this man with all the strength and authority, reduced to tears over the possibility of his end here on earth. My dad and I have never been best friends, we don't often see eye to eye on things when oddly enough we are very much alike. ;o) But at this time of fear he became the dad I always thought I would have been able to really truly love.

He lived through his surgery, recovered, and is back to his same old self, still not my best friend, but still my dad whom I love.

His heart issues and subesequent surgery came about 3 months after the passing of my father in law in November. I wasn't sure how to process the possibility of yet another loss of a father.

It was in that time that I was reminded of the promise I have in my Heavenly father. My heavenly father isn't going away. He will always be there. While I may not always agree with He is always right! He is my very best friend, He loves me no matter what, even when He's disappointed in me. He offers me forgiveness and unfailing love. He is my security. He will never get frail or sick, He will never look on me with distain or anger... I know He gets disappointed but that doesn't shake His love for me.

In this time when the economy is in the dumps, people are losing jobs, money is tight, jobs aren't secure, people are fearful and depressed. We have a security that we can count on. We may lose our jobs, or loved ones or our health, but we will never lose the love and grace of our Lord.

Just the other day I read that more and more people in the US state that they have no religion or don't believe in a "God". Ugh! How sad is that? In a time when we should be turning to Him for strength and a solid foundation people are turning away. Wonder if they blame God instead of the Wall Street dudes for the mess we are in financially?

I find my security in the fact that all this junk that happens here on earth is temporary. Like the Jeremy Camp song on my playlist, I love that there is will come a day with no more pain, no more tears, no more sorrow, no more pain....

Some day all those I love will pass.... I pray that I get to see them ALL in heaven.


LisaShaw said...


What a powerful message!

I pray that all is well with your Dad my friend.

Tiffany said...

I love this!