Thursday, March 19, 2009


We have had such fun planning for our trip. And are a little apprehensive. ;o)

The boys ask every day if they can count the days until we leave to go to Disney. We have a large calendar on the wall that I have been crossing days off of so they can see how close we are. I have written "Disney" in huge letters on the 26th and then Daddy's birthday on the 31st. They are excited for both. We have told them we think we will be doing ice cream sundae's for Daddy's breakfast that day. I know I know... indulgent, but when the ice cream parlor opens at 730A.M.... how do you resist? ;o)

We talk about the things they will see and get to do. E wants to hold a Dolphin at Sea World. We think he may change his mind once he ses one. He's not thrilled with the idea of feeding fish to them He thinks it's "no nice"... still working on explaining that one. ;o) He asks about the airplane and Rocket and Buzz and the rides. He wants to go swimming and see the animals. I can't wait to see his little face when he gets to finally see all the things he's been imagining!

N has been losing his listening ears again more frequently so we are a little apprehensive about the trip with him. This is big stuff and big stimulation so we are trying to prepare him and ourselves for a good time. Letting go of the things we can and being firm on the things we have to....all while keeping consistent. He totally gets the concepts, when we talk to him and get him to explain things about his behaviors and why he does them... what he was feeling and how he may better react. He can repeat back the rules and all the right answers. Now if we can get him to remember those when he's in the throws of not listening that would be AWESOME! ;o)

We have been able to better handle his tantrums so that's a wonderful thing, they aren't as out of control and can be calmed much more easily. I believe he is finally getting the concept that he misses more when he crashes than if he calms quickly. ;o) It's a hard concept for a 4 yr old. Shucks it's a hard concept for an almost 40 yr old. I am still reading "How to Behave so Your Preschooler Will too..." I LOVE this book, it's so changed the way I think and react to things. Maybe it's helping him too? ;o) Will you pray for us all while we are on our trip? ;o)

A little funny: We are going to eat at the NASCAR cafe at Universal Studio's for daddy's birthday the last night we are there. Erin's family will be eating with us so I called to make reservations. The group sales person asked how many checks we would have for our 18 people. I told her only 2 checks because there were only 2 sets of parents and 14 kids. There was a pause....... I just laughed. I'll bet it's the first request like that that she's gotten. ;o) I love it.

I can't wait to see them!!! I know this will be the trip of a life time for all involved.


Anonymous said...

I'll be praying for you and N's listening ears,but especially for a really special, fun trip (and that whatever bumps come along you'll be able to brush them off and move along). It sounds like a lot of fun, I hope its all E dreams it to be. Hugs, Michelle

Cindy said...

so, I just realized, you will be gone on your trip NEXT Friday! I wont be able to talk to you until when? Do you KNOW what NEXT Friday is?! How could you leave me now? I AM just kidding. I pray that both families will have a wonderful time. You all deserve this. You will have a blast. Your kids will have a blast and it will probably help the behavior issues because they will be wearing off so much energy there, they will have none left to even misbehave!

Andrea said...

Hello ..... I HAVE a cell phone! LOL You know how to reach me! ;o)

Matthew and Amanda said...

I can't wait to see pictures of the trip. How exciting for your boys - and you!! Disneyworld is such a magical place.

Have Fun!!