Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Let the little children come to me

N: Momma what does God look like?
Me: What do you think God looks like?
N: People. Momma I want to pray that God helps me use my listening ears.
Me: (standing in the door of the van helping him out to go into daycare) ok, let's pray.

So there we stood in the parking lot in the van praying.

N: Thank you momma, but you used too many words.

LOL... ok note to self, use less words when praying with N.


Unknown said...

What sweetness...

LisaShaw said...

How absolutely precious! Our children of all ages keep it real don't they?!

Bless you sweetie and your precious family.

Thankfulmom said...

It is so sweet that he wanted you to pray with him. I love the "listening ears"; I think I should be praying that I can use mine too.