Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A little update

Life has been a little crazy around here... waiting in limbo has been the hardest part.

We are still waiting for news that B's case has moved through the local court and can be set up to move into the federal court and get us a court date.

And we are still waiting to hear that the 2 pieces of paper have been obtained for A's case to know that he will be ours. I think that's the hardest part ever. The not knowing. It's been the hardest part of this journey. Knowing him, having met him, loving him already and not knowing if he's going to be our son.

There are people around the world praying for him and for us... and we know He sets the lonely in families...we just pray that this lonely one gets to be in this family!

A sweet fellow adoptive mom and new friend was there a couple of weeks ago and sent me a videos of both boys. SWEET! :)

I am working on setting up a 501c3 to help families with travel which will in turn help some of the projects we work with in Ethiopia. I am really excited about this. I am ready to move into a new season in life!! I will let you know more as it comes closer.

I am trying to get to Ethiopia in March, praying it will be able to include a court date!! :) But I will be doing some ground work for the 501c3 and going to with BEMM to visit the mom we sponsor.

I have started a little fundraiser that I hope will help. Check it out here,

Thanks for the prayers!! I will be posting some pics and updates on the littles soon! They are growing like WEEDS! :) God is Good!!

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