Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 In Review

2011 has been a blessed year over all. We had some losses but many many gains... and as it ended last night I was feeling so very excited for what lies ahead for 2012.
Here is a short pictorial of our year. Not in order of the pics weren't in but you get the gist.

Our sweet Gabriel's heart decided to cease and he went on to doggie heaven. We still miss the giant love!!!
My little tiny grand mother went on to be with the lord in February. Leaving behind an amazing legacy of service and mission. And my very favorite man... her husband. He's doing remarkably well for an old guy...missing his life long love.
My dear friend S lost her husband, who was our worship leader at church in March to cancer. She and I didn't really know each other before his death... but have become like sister's since his death and have sort of adopted their family. Only God can produce this kind of beauty from those ashes.

We had fund raisers for our next Mission trip to Ethiopia.... backed goods, Chili cook offs, yard sales... God provided it all.
Took our annual trip to the Outer Banks of NC.

Visited family for Easter.
Had an amazing rap concert at our church. Christian Rappers. Brothers. On fire men of God. Now our new blessed chosen family members!!! God is so good!
Got to experience Ethiopia with both my mom and my S. What a joy to share that with them.
Met some awesome friends in person while in Ethiopia.... love that you can fly across the world and meet with friends that you have only spoke to online in your own
Got to spend time with my brother T and my friend N.
Had a memorial with the WHOLE family in July to say a farewell to my grand mother. What a wonderful time!

Was blessed by my kids on my birthday!!
Kids started school.
Went back to Ethiopia in November to visit my boys... wish I could insert their pics here!!! But also got to make other wonderful family and create memories that will last a lifetime. Best trip ever!!! :)
Enjoyed Thanksgiving with the family... :)
Enjoyed Christmas with them as well... the ornaments above represent our grandparents ... they were together on Christmas ... even if only in spirit.
We don't have our boys with us as I had dreamt... still not sure when they will come home. I am planning another trip there this year to visit... since the process looks like it will be much longer than planned.

I am also hoping to visit with my friend Steffany from Because Every Mother Matters... while there in ET. As I have visited the country more and learned more about it's people, gotten to know them and love them. The more I see the need that this organization fills is the best. It's along the lines of what I have always thought. Stop the orphan crisis before it starts. Instead of building a place for women to live that are HIV+ as I had envisioned.... meet them where they are. Empower them and lift them up! LOVE it!!

Also planning another mission trip in October/November... if you wanna come let me know. :)

I have also begun the makings of a new business myself... one that I pray will help other families while also providing me the opportunity to go back to Ethiopia more often and help sustain some of the wonderful ministries that are already there on the ground. I am working on the business plan now and can't wait to share it with you... check back in.

My one New Years resolution is to start running again. In that last picture up there I can see that I have let myself go too far and need to reign it in. :). So tomorrow... it begins... too tired from last night to start today .... :)

Looking forward to new business... new boys... new adventures ... new me... in this new year!!!

Can't wait to see what yours holds in store too!

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Cindy said...

I somehow missed this post. Love seeing pictures of you and your family. I miss your blog posts. Love you! :)