Thursday, November 10, 2011

Let's play a little catch up!!

So much to tell you!!!

Just got back from Ethiopia and am trying to re-acclimate!

Yep, I went to Ethiopia. Nope I don’t have boys with me.

The last couple of months had been an exercise in wait training yet again. We sent our Dossier to ET in July and are still waiting on paper work for the boys to get collected so that we can get submitted to court.

While waiting I was playing with airfare prices and times and came across a great rate at the beginning of November. I prayed, then asked family for an early Christmas present, and …. was rewarded.

So October 30, D drove me to DC to catch my flight to ET all by myself!

Seriously, I was scared to death…but SO SO stinkin excited!!!

Got off the plane greeted by my little brother AB, my friend and driver AM, as well as AB’s sister … it was a wonderful reunion!!! Off we went for our adventure week.

The boys were in school during the day so I had time to get things done during the day and then visit with each of them in the afternoons.

Turns out only 7 days in country isn’t enough…. I needed another 7.

I visited friends, played with babies, played Uno with my boys and AB and AM. That was the most fun game ever! Watching the 2 men I love like family, play with my boys and interact and enjoy themselves totally filled my heart. I think it also helped the boys to relax and enjoy themselves with me.

I also got some fun quality time with both boys just me. A is a lover. He is content sitting next to you holding your hand. He’s tiny and in 7th grade. He had some tests while I was there, and says he did well. He likes to color and do word searches. But likes to share the coloring as well. We spent a fun quiet afternoon coloring and chatting quietly.

B on the other hand, while sweet and loving is a mover. LOVES to play soccer, would rather not sit still and color for any length of time. So…I watched him play soccer. He’s really really good! Great little foot work! And he’s so stinkin cute! He kept looking up to see if I was watching, and would just grin. He’s gonna be a lady killer… and perhaps a professional soccer player!

I had so many firsts on this trip…Walking through the Merkato for 2 ½ hours with AB. It was a blast, never would have thought I would be able to do it… but I never had any fear. When we were there 5 yrs ago to get N we weren’t allowed out of the van, and told it was very dangerous. This time… I was alone with AB and had no issues. Even had a blast.

Then went to eat at local joints just me and the guys, or with AB’s wife and baby girl. Places where I was the only Ferengi. 

Went to the Sheraton for the first time. It’s like going to another country, within Addis. Watched a band play with AM, and learned that old white drunk guys seem to be the same in any country. Had a great laugh at that.

Ate Kitfo for the first time. It's usually raw meat, and a luxury for them... mine was cooked!! And it was really yummy!

Laughed more this past week than I think I have in a whole year.

I visited my brother T at his new church and the Pastor N, who hugged me and wouldn't let go. Had coffee ceremony with them.

Had movie theater popcorn...with out the movie.

Learned that we aren’t a ton closer to getting our court date, but was able to talk to the lawyer for our agency and he noticed that there were somethings that needed to happen that had not. Praying that he’s going to now work a miracle and get these pieces together.

I have new family, expanded and strengthened in a way I could never have imagined.

Today my heart hurts.... is pulled in directions that I couldn't have foreseen before I left. But I am full to the brim with love, respect, and joy at all the ways God has blessed me.


Andrea Hill said...

Your love for Ethiopia is amazing. So glad you had such an amazing time. Glad you were able to interact with your boys. Hoping and praying this will go fast so your heart doesnt have to be so sad to long for your boys to be home with you.

Tammy said...

What a blessing for you and your boys to have this special time together. I can't even imagine how hard it must have been to leave. Praying for the paper work to come together soon!

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous. Hope to see you soon. Terri