Saturday, September 24, 2011

What's Up?!

Another week down. Another week no news.

I don't post as often I guess because it would really just me whining and complaining because I REALLY want to be in Ethiopia... or have 2 little Ethiopians here with me. :)

I will spare you this time though.

News on the home front. We got a new dog. Did I tell you that? Didn't take long huh? Our Buddy dog really just is not a single dog kinda guy. He was laying around, not eating or drinking and wouldn't go outside. We were getting worried.
So we went to the SPCA and rescued the most laid back dog He is part American Bulldog. HUGE head and snores like you would NOT believe. We have had to have him sleep down stairs because he keeps waking me up with it. :) He's so sweet though, and loving. Love him so much already.

Our boys are adjusting to school.

N has been having issues with getting used to being in a new place. We have already had the teacher ask for a conference. I then went on the Bryan Post site and watched a webinar about kids, defiance and fear. Oh my goodness... it's a concept I had heard some of, but listening to this conference was an eye opener.

It talks about kids with trauma back grounds who are defiant are scared. And the defiance comes from a place of fear. N is defiant in a way that is impulsive. I have written several times here that if there is a button he will push it, a line he will cross it and a rule he'll break it... but he's not doing it in an ugly's like a testing. When listening to the fear being the driving force behind the defiance it was like a light bulb. :) So I am a little slow on the uptake. He had also been having issues on the bus with getting up and kids not liking to talk to him.

So, the next morning I sat with him and asked him if he were scared of school or the bus. The thing is that I knew he was nervous but actually asking him to verbalize it and then talk about the bus it was also like a light bulb for him.

We talked about the bus and how we can't stand up and why. He seemed to get it. So that very afternoon his bus driver made him stop before he got off the bus and said to him "You had an excellent day today, do that tomorrow" Huge accomplishment for him and confidence booster. YAY!

Then his weekly report from the teacher was also improved, and specifically said improved. Progress...just in acknowledging his fears and asking him how he might be able to help himself feel better about his fears. Still work to do, but on the right path.

He's also decided that he loves running. They have a running program at his school, apparently he chooses to run laps and gain miles instead of playing recess with the kids. Even when they 'tempt him' to play :) We will look into a track program for him I think... we shall see :)

Our Ethiopia Mission Team will be presenting tomorrow to the church. I am so looking forward to it! It's always so bittersweet to see the pics and talk about it... makes me miss it more. Praying about a visit trip at the beginning of November. There are some super cheap flights outta DC...anyone have an extra $1000 I could use? :) I would be forever grateful!!

Well, that's about all I have to say right now... hope your weekend is good.


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Hmmm.....that is light bulb for me too.....thank going to think and pray about this....

Kim said...

You can whine anytime you want to me.. I want the same thing!!

Unknown said...

I hope everything turns out well, God bless =)

Wifey said...

I'm slowly catching up on my blog reading and have enjoyed yours. Congrats on the new dog and I couldn't help but laugh at imagining the snoring. The changes N has been making brought a huge smile to my face, what a great kid! Yay for big strides and confidence boosters, every kid needs that!