Saturday, August 6, 2011

God is amazing!!!

So this week we found out that we are being given a grant for the remainder of our agency fees!


When we started this adoption we were in full trust that God would fund it. Because to be quite frank, it wasn't happening without His intervention. Now all we need to come up with is the travel fees, and I also found this week that we will be able to come up with that from another long as the stock market doesn't bottom and mess everything up... but I won't go there. ;)

We are now just waiting to hear that we have been submitted to court and then when our court date is going to be.

With all the craziness with orphanages closing and letters needing to be done it probably won't be until December that we get to go over for the court date. And while that is SO far away to me, it's only 4 months right? Gives us time to come up with the travel money, and perhaps set some other aside so that we can build a cushion to be able to take some extra time off.

Still praying God will move mountains. I know He can!!! In many other cases there are huge mountains that need to move as well. So let's pray together for His mighty hand to be over all adoptions, all family situations and all those children caught in the system around the world.


Andrea Hill said...

Wow, God truly is amazing. I am so glad everthing is falling into place.

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!! That is AMAZING NEWS :)

PRAYING for all the other mountains to be moved too!!!!! :)