Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Mountain of S has Crumbled

Publish his glorious deeds among the nations. Tell everyone about the amazing things he does.
--1 Chronicles 16:24

What does that mean? The Mountain of S?

Well my baby girl has had the hardest time with our adoptions from the beginning. She was the baby of the family, and for all intents and purposes an only child because Z lived with his father.

So the addition of another child, much younger, and in need of so much attention really rocked her world. She loved him eventually...but she felt...replaced.

Then came E-man. She wasn't vocal about her concern, but she wasn't pleased that we were adopting again. Especially after we got home and our world was turned upside down with his medical needs and all the issues. That first 8 months or so were a kicker for ALL of us.

We have had many a conversation about it. Talking through her hurts and her sadness. We relied on her alot to help care for the boys in the beginning which didn't help ease her resentment.

But as things have settled. The boys have found their places in the family, we have found our places together, and we have eased her responsibility considerably when it comes to them. Life has become ...well... good again. She is in love with the boys and they love her. She posted on FB the other day how great it was to come home to her brothers shouting her name in excitement just because she's home.

The other night she and I were out together and were discussing our new boys. She said to me, "Mom, I am really pretty excited about this adoption. I really just can't wait to have them home!" If I weren't driving I may have fallen over. She went on to say that she had told a friend that as well...and the friend was also very surprised.

She is coming with me on this mission trip, where we pray we will have the opportunity to visit with the boys... and she's so very excited for it all.

This is HUGE!

God has worked this adoption in such amazing ways...some that would seem small to others...but so very huge in the scheme of life.

God is SO cool!!! :)


dawn said...

Is she able to come on the mission trip because your husband isn't?

Andrea said...

Nope she was coming anyway. :) It's a family is coming too. Sad hubs isn't.

dawn said...

Well that's good, too. I don't like surprises and I am always trying to figure out what God is doing before he reveals it. :) A tiny bit of me was hoping that we could see clearly why your hubby was called to stay home.

Andrea said...

There are LOTS of reasons that he can't go... most of which I wish I understood. I would like to know these things ahead of time too... but God's smarter than me. :) There's a reason... maybe we just won't know it this side of heaven. ;)

dawn said...

This sucker for happy endings (me) can't wait to see it all wrapped up in heaven!
Glory to God for the miracle that He worked in your baby girl's heart!!! I will keep praying for your Daddy.

Our journey following Christ said...

This is HUGE!! Katie was so excited for our adoptions but when reality hit and the kids demanded so much attention and she got almost none, it was so, so hard for her. She still struggles with the latest child probably because they are so close in age. I keep praying that when she gets married and moves out in June, there relationship can begin to take root and grow.

So glad S has come to this point. It makes the process easier for you and the transition easier for the new boys.