Saturday, May 7, 2011

Joy Overflowing

Do you ever just feel like you don't know what to do with the joyous blessings God pours over you?

Watching what He is doing in our lives has me up early this Saturday morning because my brain is just flying with thoughts of joy and blessing.

It's funny how when you can see the blessing and the ways God is working in your life, all those things that would normally bring you down or make you sad no longer have the same effect. There are still rough patches and hard places here, there are still misbehaving children, and grumpy people around...and yet the light of the Lord is shining so much brighter.

Last night (Friday) we had our last big fundraiser for our mission trip. It was a rap concert at our church. There is a local group that offered to come out and play for us. Rap isn't usually my thing...secular rap isn't something I choose to listen to, however these guys are a Christian group (good thing since they were singing in our church huh?) We sent out flyer's and requests, put it on the radio and talked up all over FB and Twitter.

We were asking for a suggested 5.00 donation at the door and were planning to do a love offering for them during the show.

At 7pm we had the first 5 pews of the church ...middle section... full. It was supposed to start at 7pm. There was no one there.....

My partner who set this fundraiser up, was freaking out. We were looking at about $100 for us and feeling really awful that the band wouldn't be feeling a ton of love. At 715 we decided that we would just pray with them... OH MAN WHAT A PRAYER!... and then start about 730. I think we were hoping a bus full of angels would appear. ;)

The funny thing is that through it all I was calm... I know that God will provide all that we need, I knew He would show up. I felt His hand on this. I was feeling badly for the bands that had come out and spent their time...but knew God would bless them too.

The first act was a mime/dance group... GOOD stuff! Then we played an amazing video made of our pics from the last trip and I shared what we were doing...then another 2 guys got up to sing... also great stuff.. I am still singing "Do Something" :)

Last was our headliner group, Raiderz of the Lost, 2 brothers rapping for Jesus. Their biggest concern other than sharing Jesus is that you understand them. :) We could and they did!

Not only did they share Jesus they took a love offering for US. They didn't want the money they wanted to raise the money for us, they wanted to share Jesus and the love of God with US. And man did they ask well!!! :) God annointed the night, annointed their asking and we made over $900 in that evening with just our small group of people!

Do you love God?! Yeah me too...

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Adeye said...

Yayeee.....that is so fantastic! Yes, I love Him too :)