Friday, June 28, 2013

On my mind...

So I have started and deleted like 5 posts over the past week.

So much going on... so much on my mind. Yet none that seems to want to come out in a way that would make sense or come out the way I want it to.

Was talking to my supervisor this morning in our usual check-in meeting and said .. I am almost afraid to say it... "There are parts of life that are really good, yet parts that really suck" I am working on trying to find the middle ground.

I want and try to be a glass half full kind of person. I love life... Even just recently got a tattoo that says "Live the life you love, love the life you live" surround the Amharic word for Joyful. It's above my heart in a place I can see it every day and have it be a reminder of the way I want to live.

Then... there's life. The hard parts.

The ones that can't be shared because they are too close... too raw... not public knowledge.

See I am at a loss again. What to share? What not to share?

So let me share that our little E turned EIGHT years old this week!! Can you believe it??!!

My biggest and littlest... WOW! Seeing this pic and knowing the love I feel for them both ... the way my heart knows them BOTH as my children reminds of me of God's redemption and exceedingly good Grace!

I can also share that we are getting ready to gear up and plan another mission team to Ethiopia with the church! Wahoo!!

So this really has nothing to do with the posts I deleted, but it's all I got for now.

More on mission trips... daycares... and boys... soon


Susan Googins... Will's mama said...

Wow has your E grown into a handsome lil guy! He is blessed to have you as a mom!

Abbey said...

I love the pic of you with Z and E! Just love you so much. Always here with open ears and an open heart to listen if you want to share. Always.

Anonymous said...

E has grown so much since I've seen him. You all look great. Mike and I are hoping to take our girls back to ET for a visit in November. I'm wondering when your next Church trip is planned. We would love to incorporate mission work into our time there and we're very intrigued by all of your Korah projects. Whether we are there when you all are or another time, perhaps there'd be something we could do for 'you'. I also want to pick your brain about any ways to do better on airfares, if there are any. Terri (