Saturday, June 29, 2013

Not all bad...

So... just so ya know life isn't ALL bad.

And the last week or so has been some better. 

And it's really only one that's upset the apple cart... but there were a lot of apples upset! :) Yesterday we had to make the tough choice not to take the family vacation we wanted to because said boy would not make it pleasant for any of us. And frankly that makes me really mad. Cause were were going to visit really awesome people and the boys were going to meet some kids they came home with from ET. So much of our lives have been changed and decisions have had to be made differently because of these behaviors. 

Our other son is doing well. It's not perfect by any stretch, but he interacts, plays with his brothers, cooperates at a normal pre-teen rate (if ya know what I mean) and is generally pleasant and fun to have around. We have moments, we still have a long road of attachment bonding and relationship building, but over all its been much smoother with him. In the beginning we didn't think we had some really bad moments, but those have calmed and we are working through them.

I think the hardest part is the uncertainty... the wondering if we are doing the right thing, the right way. The effect it has on the younger 2 has been icky too... so we want to make sure we are making all the right choices for them. 

Parenting sure ain't for whimps. 

The middles are both going to ESL summer school for several weeks that we think will help them both.  They speak mostly great English but the spelling and reading is still lacking. Which is totally to be expected with only 10 months home. I mean heck, English is HARD Jack!  :)

So there ya have it...not ALL hard. :) 

And having just broken up the 5th boy argument amongst the others... some of it's pretty normal. :)

Be blessed y'all!


Abbey said...

You're probably tired of hearing from me, but oh well. I love when I get a notification that you blogged. Love your heart, so much. Almost think you could have titled this "Not All Good" because you definitely share mostly happy and beautiful things! You are SO great! I think it's normal, when life is hard and challenging, to question whether or not you are doing the right thing. Don't second guess yourself. Whether its right or not... You are doing it and you are doing a great job! Keep doing your best, keep on pushing along through the challenges and let the happy moments carry you! Your faith will get you through this because when you do things with God you are always doing the right .

Abbey said...

Forgot to say earlier that it totally sucks super bad that you had to cancel your trip. :(