Saturday, March 31, 2012



Finally got a court date!

After much back and forth and me and about the end of my rope... God knows huh?... we got a court date!!!

This is technically for A because miracles of miracles he was the one submitted. They are working very hard to get B's case done. There is a piece of paper that needs to get competed so that we can talk to the judge about both of them.... I am still not sure how that will work out.

I am leaving on April 23, our court date is May 4 and I am coming home on May 5. Twelve days ... still doesn't seem long enough, but I cannot wait to get there to see our boys and my A's and new friends to meet. :)

This court date means that if we pass we will be declared their parents... then we wait another 8-10 weeks to pass Embassy and can bring them home... in a perfect world we will have them home before the end of July. He can do it! He can move the mountain!

I am going alone for this trip... but D will come with me for the Embassy trip and to bring the boys home.

Please pray with us that we are able to get this piece of paper for B. The orphanage director for the place that needs to get this paper is apparently very ill... or recovering from an accident... I am not sure which. Either way he could sure use prayers for healing. He moved A's mountain... Lord we ask you to move B's mountain!!

Ethiopia... HERE I COME!!!


Kelley said...

When we were at court, one of our families has a little girl tied up in the nonsense in Awassa. The judge had all of the paperwork available for her, so this family completed their adoption of their baby in Addis and also told the judge they had met their baby in Awassa and wanted to be her parents as well.

The judge made note of that in their file and if the paperwork in Awassa ever gets signed, they will not have to appear in court for her. They will just be submitted to Embassy.

If the worst case scenario happens, which I'm praying it won't, this might help?

Cindy said...

Yay! I am so excited you finally got this date! I have been praying for you all the time! Love you!!!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!

PRAYING for A's mountain to be moved!!!! GOD CAN!!!!

Andrea Hill said...

Hallelujahhhh... What a journey it has been for you my friend. Thank God you put all your faith in HIM! I cringe when I get the emails from our agency and see how much tougher adoption in ET are getting every day.