Monday, March 19, 2012

Random Catch up Stuff

Well, first news is that I am not going to Ethiopia at the end of March. That was a tough blow!! When I was in ET with the boys in November I felt for sure that we would be back there in February to get our court date done, as that dream started to fade, I made plans in my heart to go at the end of March. Hoping to go with the BEMM team and see the boys at the same time.

I was getting pretty anxious... and then madder than heck at our agency who could not seem to coordinate conversations so that I could make those plans and get the ball rolling.

It is extremely frustrating to be told you will hear something repeatedly and then not hear it. Or only get a partial answer. I was about at my wits end when finally we got the news that we could not schedule an appointment with the judge during the time that I had hoped to be there. I was heart broken... and the news came on the day that I think my hormones were at an all time out of wackiness... I think I could have crawled in a hole and stayed there. I did just go to bed and cry.

The next day though, I was feeling much better and a little annoyed at my

We got further news though that we SHOULD have a court date in April!! Praise the LORD... now I have to be careful not to refresh my email too much. :)

There is a meeting Wednesday to see about that last piece of paper for B's case. Please pray with us that we hear good news about that... and we are able to get his case submitted too.

On another fun note. We went out Saturday night with the kiddos to the mall. D needed new shoes, we went to dinner and S needed some make up stuff. There is an indoor play place in the mall that the boys love, and it allows them to run off some steam.

D was looking for his shoes so I took the boys to the play place by myself. As I sat down, I noticed a 4some sitting down the way from me. I knew right away that they were Ethiopian. I was so excited... except I have this very odd shyness when it comes to asking people where they are from. No one believes me when I tell them that... but it's true. So I text D to hurry up... cause he doesn't share my shyness.

He came and sure enough... they were. Turns out that one couple pastor's an Ethiopian church here locally... WHO KNEW WE HAD ONE?! and the other couple is actually half Ethiopian half Philadelphian. The man is in the military and met his Ethiopian wife in Italy. We struck up a wonderful conversation and exchanged phone numbers. It was so so cool!!!

The young woman married to the military guy was so so sweet! She said she feels lonely sometimes and we chatted and talked about getting together. They all said they would help me learn Amharic, and we could help them with English. :) AND they have a social get together every 2nd Sunday of the month.

Yes... some day I will get over my shyness.

When we parted the young momma gave me the biggest hugs and kept saying "I am SO happy, I am SO happy" Thank you God!

On another cool note... remember these posts after my first mission trip to ET?

We have been given the privilege of becoming a sponsor family for them. What a way God touches lives huh? I was talking to my brother T in ET and he said that the momma was very sick, and I asked him about a sponsor family through Adoption 1:27. We are so excited about this opportunity!

ok, I am the one excited because I feel so connected to them... this just makes my heart feel so full.

On home front news: S is preparing for graduation, prom and her senior trip to Disney... wow! She is a senior!

The boys are extra excited about Spring and Summer and cannot WAIT for their they talk about them all the time.

Well.. that's about it for the catch up. Praying for B's paper work and to hear something about our court date.... oh on a side funny... D mentioned to me the other day that perhaps he would go to Ethiopia this time and I could stay home.....??????............. To which I said "Have you not lived with me over the past several months?! Why would you even THINK such a thing?!"

Silly guy...

Hope to post good news soon.


Unknown said...

Sorry that your news wasn't better :( but glad things seem to be moving again. And lots of positive things happening. So happy for you guys and keeping you in my prayers.

Cindy said...

yep...hard time believing that you are shy!
Love ya! :)