Saturday, September 17, 2011

Long Time No Post

Hey ya'll!

All is well. Just working through school beginnings and figuring out how to live the new schedule.

Z started his sophomore year in college and a new job at the same time. He's working for a mortgage company. And so far loving it.

S started her senior year... be still my heart. How did she become a senior already??!! Where does the time go? She is really focusing this year... better late than never I guess huh? Planning her extra curricular and tests that she will need to get into her college of choice, which happens to be close since it has a great PT program.

N started his new school, and so far I think he loves it. We have to get him on the bus at 7am since its a special school that draws from the whole city he has to ride it with kids from all over the place not just our zone. They have a contest in the school to see who can run the most miles. So far he has said he's run more than 10... not sure that accurate but then again... it very well could be!! He said last night that even tho the kids tempt him to play during the recess time he just continues to run. That's my sweet little Ethiopian!! Perhaps he will be a marathoner? :)

E started 1st grade! He has the least amount of change. Same school same hours :) He's loving it too and has some friends from last year in his class. It's so fun to see him come home confident and happy with life.

We still have no word on the boys about court. Apparently B's paperwork is ready, A's is still being collected. I guess there are 2 documents they haven't been able to get. But the word is that they can't be submitted to court while it's closed so this is a little reprieve I guess. They have the time to look for it. Although they are running out of time and it will be opening in a few short weeks.

We have been able to send them some care packages and have another one on the way today. We sure don't want them to think we forgot them. I hate it for A who was having such a hard time about not having a family. :( I don't want him to be sad any more. And I miss B's light and bright smile!!!

I am having MAJOR Ethiopia withdrawls this week. Could be because my friend is heading over with a bunch of stuff for me and I can't go. :( I have been seriously trying to work something out to get over there... but haven't been able to make anything work. Even if just to visit the boys and let them know we love them and miss them. There are some great air fees at the beginning of November. I am praying about that. Depends on when our court date is set. Pray with me?

We are presenting our Ethiopia Mission recap next Sunday and planning yet another trip over... I can't stand it. It will be so much fun to get back there. Probably late next year.... wanna come? :)

I will leave you with pics of the first day of school... well except for Z. He missed out. ;)


Our journey following Christ said...

Everyone looks so excited. So sweet. Sami looks like, " last year!"

Still praying that A's paperwork gets found soon:)


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Pray the paperwork is collected soon :)

Praying for your boys that aren't with you yet.

Great first day smiles :)