Tuesday, November 13, 2012

We are home!!

We have been home almost 2 months now... gosh do I neglect this blog!! Wonder if anyone will even read this...lol It's been a real time of transition and growth for us all!! The boys are sweet and want to integrate ...yet of course still miss Addis and all that they have ever known. Their English gets better all the time... and so does our Amharic. Our biggest struggle was food choices to begin with... everything tastes so different here and that's hard to get used to. We also have had issues with boundaries and rules and what it means to be in a family. Adoption related, new life related... hormonal pre-teen boy related things have led to many a Cha Cha... 2 steps forward 1 step back... 2 steps back 1 Step forward... it's always a dance. The boys are all integrating well and learning what it means to be brothers of many. E has had the hardest time because he isn't one to take crap from anyone. And the boys are so used to instigating and picking in usually a fun way!!... but still annoying to a little brother. So he just doesn't deal with them...lol N is learning that there are other kids to show off for... a bit overwhelming and hard to share for him some times. Over all the first month was one of those holy crap what did we do... kind of months. This second month has been much better...easing into a routine. A and B have made friends with the son of dear friends of ours and they spend afternoons with each other. Gives us all a bit of a breather and we are all happier when we come back together. It's been such an amazing blessing. I will try to post a bit more ... share more of what the adventures of older child adoption... it's sure been a ride :) I will also share pictures soon!! WE are having family pics done on Saturday... so excited about that! Many blessings y'all.... or whomever is still reading...lol


Abbey said...

Good thing you love to dance!!!

So very happy to have had a small glimpse at the Gaines family cha-cha. Love you so much and so grateful for you. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm still reading!!!

Susan Googins... Will's mama said...

Hi Andrea, I keep checking here for updates. How is everything with your new sons going?

Amy Jo said...

Just dropping in to see how your transition has been. I know it can be challenging - to say the least. Sending blessings your way! Amy