Sunday, July 10, 2011

Still Navigating

WE have been home just over a week now, and I am still learning to navigate with only half a heart.

The thing about this trip that was different, was that were strengthening bonds, and then made some incredible new ones. So it's almost harder to stay away this time. So many things still to do.

This morning in church we sang Blue Tree's 'God of This City'. Greater things are yet to come, greater things are still to be done here....there.

My boys are still there which is the biggest draw for me by far...but then there are the other kids. The children that we spent time with in Korah. Seriously, the cutest, sweetest kids. And so giving! They for sure wanted our candy and pens as all the kids there do... or heck any kid wants your candy right?! :)

But one of the memories that sticks in both S and my minds is a walk we took along the 'streets' of Korah. We were walking to meet T's mom and to pray for her. Now T is used to navigating the streets and alley's of the colony, but we are not. It's rainy season so the streets already filled with sewage and trash were now muddy, slippery and in some cases small rivers.

As we were walking I had my favorite little friend M, with me as well as his BFF T, one on each side. While S was beside me with like 4 littles. As we walked they held us up. They would tense every time we would slip and wouldn't let either of us fall. It was profound for S in a way that I hadn't thought she would feel... there she was crying to me about them having so little yet holding her up. I had felt the same way as we walked. How much love radiates from them. These...the least... the smallest... the dirty... in the eyes of men...yet the highest in the kingdom of God!

When S, Mom and I went to visit our boys, our friends were waiting for us to arrive at the end of the alley, smiles lighting there faces and filling our hearts.

It's been profound...the changes that have happened in some of the team.

We are already talking about the next trip and what it might entail. Praying for God's guidance and direction. We will for sure be going back! Already working on trying to get funding for the church through ours. Greater things are yet to come!

More to come.....


Cindy said...

Reading about S crying and what she said, made me cry! What a heart! And what a touching story. I cant imagine how much you are all missing your friends in Ethiopia.

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

OK so I miss some reading blogs....and I MISSED A LOT!!!! WOW!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! What blessing pour when we follow Christ!!!

Our journey following Christ said...

Crying here, too. Precious children who have so little can really get to a person. They just love unconditionally. It is an honor to be in the presence of the greatest in God's kingdom.


dawn said...

Greater things are yet to come!

Amen sister!

Tammy said...

Beautiful stories and more beauty yet to come! Thanks for sharing...