Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Adoption Update

So I am going to back track a bit since I missed several weeks and share a bit about where we are in the process, and some of the interesting things that happened before I left for Ethiopia.

We are currently waiting for our Dossier to get into the country.

Our fingerprints were done on June 3.
The new cool thing about working with USCIS is that you can email them...and even call them and they RESPOND! ok so it's not new to alot of you, but when we adopted N there was no way to contact them easily.
So about a week after our prints were done I emailed them to see if we had a worker and to see if it were moving. The answer was nope, but you are in line.

Ok then, I called on the 15th of June and asked the same question, I left a VM with our case worker that had been assigned. I went to lunch and came back to an email from this worker that we were being sent a letter of intent to deny.


As it turns out a past indiscretion of my husband's wasn't noted so they thought we had lied.

The state of VA says that you cannot put in a Home Study past issues if they aren't barrier crimes so it wasn't even noted. It just said there wasn't anything to keep us from being able to adopt. Which is technically true...but USCIS gets FBI prints that show a little somethin and it looks like we didn't tell them about it.

I called our HS agency told them about the issue...and explained I was LEAVING IN 2 DAYS! and that this needed to be fixed immediately because I was supposed to meet my sons and if this wasn't fixed they may not get to be my sons! ok...yes I was a bit in panic. ;)

They were great, they had their paperwork, I went to the courthouse to get the paperwork USCIS wanted and was able to Fed Ex it all out on the 16th to USCIS to arrive on Friday the 17th!

When I am a woman on a mission ...get out of the way!

Our approval letter was to us by the following Friday! The very day the boys were brought together to be told that not only did they have a family, that they were going to be brothers and that Mom, S and I were there and would be there to meet them in the next several days! Ain't God cool?!

We are waiting for the Washington approval, signage stuff and then it's on to Ethiopia.

So... now we wait.

We may be able to get a court date before the end of the year...PRAY and then we pray we have them home before Feb since that's A's birth month.

Pray with us that I don't forget it's in His hands. So far while I REALLY want them home, I haven't been obnoxious about the timeframe. ;) I know it will happen when it's supposed to.... My true prayer is that they are HOME before the end of the year... He's a BIG God, right? He can move that mountain right?!


Barry and Amy said...

He absolutely can! Praying for you!

dawn said...

He's HUGE! Praying with you.

Andrea Hill said...

Wow the waiting game is insane but its so worth it, isn't it. Its moving and that is cool. What an awesome thing you got to see the boys though. I was sad for S and how she felt sad after you guys had to leave them. Hopefully they will be here way faster than you think:) BTw, I emailed you:)

Adeye said...

WOW, friend, I am sooooo thrilled that you got to meet you sweet boys. What a blessing from the LORD. I am absolutely standing with you and trusting that you get a court date before the end of the year. Time is just flying by--you'll be there before you know it :)