Friday, June 3, 2011

Saying Good Bye and Timelines

So one of the outcomes of N's miracle acceptance is the hard fact of saying good bye. Because he will be going to a new school he will have to say goodbye to many of his friends.

This has been truly disturbing him since he found out he would be going there. We have had many conversations about it, and how he's had to say so many good byes...and how in some cases he didn't get to.

So Wednesday morning he looks at me with a lone tear rolling down his cheek and says, "Momma, I still have hundreds of people to say good bye to, what if I don't get to them all?" I hugged him and said, that it really wasn't good bye, just see ya later because E was still going to the home school and he would see the kids.

The blessing was that we were able to go to a walk through, just for the kids, of the new school that very same night. He was very nervous. He was quiet and reserved (this is how you know he's nervous...cause he's NEVER quiet and reserved). We walked into the school and upon signing in were informed that a young lady from his class was going to be coming to the school as well, and would be on that very tour that night. Thank you GOD for small blessings. He perked right up...could have been the blue lollipop as well. ;)

So as we are waiting for said little girl I recognize the name... I ask him "I? The same I from your class? The I you were 'going out with'?? ...tee hee hee my boy the Romeo. He rolls his eyes and says "Yes mom. But I dumped her... but it was ok because she wanted to dump me any way" Insert mom eye roll.

So she shows up and they are so very happy to see each other. the tour was great, the tour guide was excellent in sharing what the kids needed to hear to get excited. So the N on the way home was a different kid. He's excited and working hard on getting through those 100 good byes.

So that brings me to the time line:

Today was USCIS fingerprint day!!! YAY! Can't tell you how goofy it is to be so very excited about getting finger prints done. :)

But then I spoke to our agency that said that at this point unless we are able to get our Dossier into ET before the beginning of July then it's not probable that the boys would be home before the end of the year.

Ok this is where I need you all.... I need your prayers! I need us to all stand together and pray that the Lord not make my boys...or any of the other children for that matter wait any longer than need be to come home!!! NEXT YEAR?!

So pray with me folks, that the Lord touch those that need to be touched so that the paperwork is done well and done quickly and that we are able to move through the system in a manner that brings our boys home. PLEASE?! Thank you!! :)